WelcomeAbout Us…

Ballet is a complex and technically challenging art form. It is the foundation in training poised, refined and technical dancers. Therefore, Classical Dance Arts stipulates that all students must enroll in a minimum of one ballet class per week.  The Examination process is strongly encouraged at Classical Dance Arts as it further instills the principles and technical skills we introduce.  Classical Dance Arts is a certified Society of Russian Ballet Studio as well as a certified ADAPT Studio, both of which demand the highest standards of dance education excellence.

Our Philosophy and Goals

Classical Dance Arts is committed to maintaining the highest standard of dance education in our community. Using dance as their tool, students trained at Classical Dance Arts develop strong life experience in leadership, goal setting and commitment while challenging the body to be disciplined and confident. A strong sense of camaraderie is instilled in our students forming an encouraging dance environment. A qualified faculty is integral in ensuring your child receives his/her dance education in a safe and healthy environment.